General Alteration

Apparel Credits

Your ticket to a perfect-fitting shirt.

Each Apparel Credit entitles you to the complete customization of one dress shirt or polo shirt. You can purchase Apparel Credits at any time, directly from your Member Page. Then, after we receive a shirt of yours, we'll deduct one Apparel Credit when we tailor it.

These bad boys never expire, and the more you buy the cheaper they get.




Customize any shirt by adding your initials - or any three characters - on the cuff (sleeve for polo shirts). Choose from multiple colors and fonts.



Untucked Cut

Wear your newly tailored shirt in both formal and casual settings. We'll carefully adjust its length and contouring so that it will stay tucked in when you want it to, and look great when you don't. This service is included for FREE with all polo shirts.

Fit Development

We've created three standard fit options to choose from when creating your profile*. They accommodate a range of fit preferences, and all three will turn heads wherever you go:


The perfect fit, however, can be a matter of opinion. Now that you have the freedom to buy any brand you like, we think you should be able to have any fit you like.

So, even though we’re not in the business of selling shirts, we’ve developed a product for those of you seeking a one-of-a-kind fit: THE FIT PROTOTYPE.



Purchase the Fit Prototype and we’ll ship your Fit Prototype 1.0, a white dress shirt of the highest quality, tailored to your preferred standard fit (Slim, Fitted, or Regular)*.
Upon receipt, try it on and use the simple feedback tool on your Member Page to let us know what you think.

IF IT FITS PERFECTLY: Approve the shirt and we’ll send you a second Fit Prototype 1.0 - because who doesn’t want a second shirt FOR FREE?

IF IT NEEDS ADJUSTMENTS: Submit the changes you want on your profile and we’ll send a second shirt with a modified fit, your Fit Prototype 2.0, free of charge.

If you’d still like to do some fine tuning on your second shirt, send it back and we'll make any adjustments free of charge. Return it as many times as you'd like, and only pay for shipping. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll keep your approved dimensions on file and create a personal pattern that we'll use to hand cut and sew each shirt you send us in the future.

*Currently, fit preferences available for men only. All women's shirts tailored Fitted.  

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