Your Go-To Guide for Helpful Tips and Policy Info


A - Both Fit Prototypes and shirts you send us should arrive at your door 5-7 days after your order is initiated. Order initiation refers to the day you submit your Fit Prototype request or the day your shirt arrives at our warehouse.

A - Of course. We would never hold your hard-earned money hostage! Simply contact Member Support to process your cancellation and we will credit the form of payment you have on file. That being said, Always Fitted is not a subscription service, so only purchase what you need and you’ll never have to cancel (unless, of course, you want those sweet savings).

A - Because Always Fitted is not a subscription service, you are never charged unless you make a purchase or send us a shirt for alteration (in which case we charge an Apparel Credit to your account). There is therefore no need to delete your account. But if you still choose to do so, any new account you create in the future will start at "Intern" pricing.

Fit issues

A - No problem! You have two options:

  • 1) You can go into your "My Measurements" page and update your physical measurements at any time. We will automatically adjust the cut of your future shirts accordingly. Even if you re-take your measurements and they come out the same, you can increase or decrease them slightly in your profile to tweak the way your future shirts will fit. You are able to change your body (or shirt measurements if that's how you originally created your account) in increments of 0.25 inch or greater. Note that a change of 0.25 inch is extremely subtle and will only be appreciable in the arms. We recommend adjustments of at least 0.5 inch if you'd like a noticeable change in any area of the torso.

  • 2) You can always start from scratch using a Fit Prototype to create a fresh custom fit. Do this at any time by clicking on the Fit Prototype link on your profile.
  • A - This is pretty unlikely, but if it does happen you're in luck! We'll forward you the shirt without debiting an apparel credit from your account.

    A - We can accommodate literally any body type with our Fit Prototype shirts. Unfortunately, however, size restrictions imposed by other manufacturers are out of our control. So, while this is quite rare, some members may have proportions that are outside the standard size of certain manufacturers. This occurs most commonly with sleeve and shirt length measurements. Using your Shopping Tool when buying will prevent you from sending us shirts that are too small.


    A - This shouldn't be an issue, but it's true that manufacturers update the way they cut their shirts from time to time. We will notify you immediately if this occurs. As long as you ordered the recommended size based on your body measurements on file on the day you placed the order , we will process a return or exchange free of charge on your behalf. We will also add a free Apparel Credit to your account for the inconvenience.

    A - Member satisfaction is our number one priority but, unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for shirts that no longer fit due to changes in member body measurements. We recommend you re-take your measurements from time to time in order to ensure any new shirts you order will arrive at your door with the perfect fit. See the "Fit Issues" section of this page for more information on updating your measurements.

    A - Once you send a shirt to Always Fitted for alteration, you are acknowledging that the shirt can no longer be returned to the original retailer or manufacturer. You can read about this in more detail in the "Returns & Exchanges to Third-Party Retailers" section of our "Terms" page.


    A - If you aren't happy, then neither are we. Simply contact Member Support and we'll process your choice of a return/refund or exchange. We can assure you, however, that we would take this type of feedback very seriously. We are committed to providing consistently high quality, flawless products and services.


    A - The answer to this question depends on the reason you feel the shirt does not fit. Here is our policy in a few different scenarios:

  • 1) We have multiple quality control mechanisms in place to prevent alteration errors on our part. But, it's always possible that we could make a mistake. If you receive a shirt and it just doesn't seem quite right, contact Member Support right away. If possible, we will revise the alteration free of charge. If not, we will offer you the choice of reimbursement or replacement. Either way we'll also add a free Alteration Credit to your account for your troubles.

  • 2) You may have made a measuring or data entry error when you were completing the shirt or body measurement process when creating your profile. We all make mistakes, so we understand how an accidental measurement error could occur. But, because we offer our alteration services at such a low price, we are not able to perform free alteration adjustments in these instances. Please take measurements carefully. But, your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we take great care to prevent these types of situations from occurring. If you enter a measurement that seems inconsistent, we'll contact you before performing any alterations.

  • 3) You may have chosen a standard fit that is very different from what you have worn in the past. During testing and development, one of the most striking things we noticed was how differently people perceive the fit of their clothing. Some of our trial participants thought our Slim fit wasn't tight enough, while others thought our Regular was barely roomie enough. This is what inspired us to develop our Fit Prototype process, and why we strongly recommend using it. In order to keep our alteration prices so low, in general we are unable to offer complementary alteration adjustments based purely on preference. But, if you feel the shirt is uncomfortable or the fabric is pulling in certain places, contact Member Services. We'll find a way to make things right.


    A - Absolutely! However, in order to achieve your ideal fit, back pleats of all kinds will always be removed during alteration. Regardless of how tight you prefer your shirts, back pleats interfere with the natural draping of the fabric through your back and shoulder. They prevent a shirt from having a completely clean, modern look. Manufacturers may say that pleats are used to increase range of motion. But that isn't necessary on a shirt that fits you properly through the chest, upper back, and bicep.

    A - That's no problem. Our alteration algorithms are very complex, and they account for all kinds of shirt contouring issues that arise with different body types. Achieving the perfect fit is a matter of geometry and, in fact, some body types REQUIRE darts in order to reach that goal. So, keep in mind that we may add contouring features not present when a shirt was originally manufactured.

    A - Whenever possible, we will try and re-apply pieces of accent fabric. However, embroidered accents that cannot be removed from their original fabric will be discarded.


    A - You should always follow the care instructions indicated by the manufacturer on the shirt label. This label is generally located on the side seam of the shirt near the hip, but in some instances it may be near the collar. Always Fitted accounts for the very minimal shrinkage that occurs when a shirt is cared for as recommended. If, for example, you put a shirt in the dryer than is supposed to be air dried, it can shrink nearly three times as much. Then the shirt may no longer fit properly and, unfortunately, Always Fitted cannot assume responsibility in these instances. You will receive a care reminder flyer with each shirt we send you.