We’ve all heard the phrase “dress for success.” Turns out it’s more than just a cliché. Studies show that dressing well improves your abstract thinking skills, performance in competitive tasks, and overall confidence. Research suggests that high quality, professional looking attire also increases other people’s confidence in you. And, if you want to look good, style experts agree that fit is the most important factor. But when it comes to dress shirts, getting that perfect fit was always pricey and inconvenient. We decided it was time for a change. So in early 2016, we began developing Always Fitted.

Always Fitted is an affordable online tailoring service that allows U.S. customers to buy any dress shirt, from any retailer, and be guaranteed the perfect fit. Our online platform makes it easier than ever for professional men and women to look and feel great. Finally, you can shop fearlessly.



We believe everyone should be able to have perfectly tailored dress shirts (and the confidence that goes along with them). For us, that means working to develop innovative ways to streamline alteration processes and keep down costs. By doing this, we are able to provide quality products and services at affordable prices.


Philanthropy is one of the core principles underlying Always Fitted’s business model. We feel it is critical to share any good fortune we experience with those who have less. And because we know many of our members feel the same way, we designed a giving model that is simple, transparent, and lets everyone get involved:

  • In 2017 we incorporated a Private Grant Giving Foundation in the State of the Georgia, The Fitted Fund Inc.
  • For every Fit Prototype we sell, $5 goes into the fund.
  • Each Fall we will solicit grant applications from a variety of sources and post descriptions of our favorites on the Always Fitted website.
  • Members will be invited to vote for what they believe to be the most deserving cause (or causes).
  • 100% of funds will be donated annually.

We will be adding a Fitted Fund link with more information in the near future.



In March of 2017, Always Fitted ran a successful Kickstarter campaign. This campaign gave us the additional capital and momentum we needed to reach our launch date on schedule. It also provided a nice seed for The Fitted Fund.

We would like to recognize our backers for their generous contributions, and immortalize them as the founding members of Always Fitted!

A special thanks to:

Tariq Abalis
Graham Akrill
Anas Altarawneh
Amy Alvarez
Andres Amador
Carl Armstrong
Yann Autotte Portelance
Leigh Bangs
Christian Barius
John Beaubien
Austin Biery
Dave Bonallie
Michael Bolmey
Collin Brown
Jennifer Botka
Sarah Buchanan
Cosmon Bylos
John Camba
Ramiro Canovas
Derek Carlson
Jacob Cerny
David Charbonneau
Allen Choo
Jessica Christensen
Courtney Cline
John Creasy
Dean Conn
Paul Cowing
Fitzie Cowling
Travis Cox
Joel Diamond
Tyler Disk
Steven Drayton
Ken Dumont
Marc Duquette
D.J. Eckert
Stephen Edsall
James Eick
Linda Evans & Family
Jeff Fee
Lewis Fernandez
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Shawn Fox
Antonio Franco
David Gambone
Gary Garofalo
Zachary Gassman
Tamaira Gless
Rula Green Gladden
Jori Hayes
Mychal Hayes
Corey Henson
Anita Holquist
Jon Hook
Pam & J Hook
Christopher Howell
Kris Hudson
Scott Jackson
Christopher Johnson
Tamara Kim
Rachel Knickmeyer
Liz Knight
Daniel Kukucka
Jeffrey Layno
Evan Lopez
Andrew Loveday
Fadi Malouf
Andres Marcos
Nick Martin
Brandon Mattix
Jeffrey McCarther
Jesse McClusky
Cecilia McNeill
Daniel McNeill
John Melonakos
Steve Mercante
Angel Montemayor
Chaise Moore
Hector Morales Valdes
Sergio Moreno & Family
Jordan Moser
Amara Nance
Violet Nelson
Bhavik Pandya
Cody Parrish
Alex Podebryi
Jon Proctor
Christian Radakovich
Benjamin Reyes
Tony Reynolds
Bill Riddle
Justin Roberts
Otis Roberts
Lisa Rogers
Furman Sanders
Melissa Schilo
Victor Schilo
Arman Sharafshahi
Aaron Sheperd
Manuel Singleton
Ryan Smith
M Halloran Snyder
Elizabeth Strohecker
Michael Sugarman
Haydn Swift
Thomas Taylor
Jurgen Tellman
Rocio Tellman
Ricardo Treviño Chapa
Sam Tokunaga
Eva Tomczyk
Andrea Torres
Josh Tracy
John Trundt
James Tutt
Adrian Viesca
Adrian Villarreal
Alberto Villarreal
Diego Villarreal
Andrew Vondersaar
Dylan Walsh
Charlie Warendh
William Weiman
Greg Willis
David Wilson
Tim Wilson
Nicholas Wolfe
Curtis Wright
Spencer Wyckoff
Jovian Yoh

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